New technologies in the DJ world

Just recently I came across a new video-presentation-teaser about a digital technology in DJing: “How Tech is Changing DJing”.

There have been numerous articles and videos about the subject in the span of the last two decades and it’s just getting ever crazier as time goes… 

How Tech is Changing DJing? Well, we can ask Sven Väth or Derick May: is DJ-ing different for them nowadays than it was in the past? They both still play with vinyl. Jeff Mills is not far away from that either, incorporating also CDJ’s but still beat-matching while spinning during his sets.

Is beatmatching one of the key components of DJing?

There are many DJ’s that started using the new technologies of course, and new artists mostly use the new digital solutions only. However, why do some of the biggest names still do beatmatching? Is beatmatching one of the key components of DJing? Is it really true that by cutting that out, you miss the one essential part of the whole story? Do people on the floor feel that? Is this digital technology just a trend? Will we go back one day, like with many other things, especially in the music production world?

I am not saying we should be against the new technologies but maybe we do need to be more aware of the original qualities that have the soul, true energy and character that we love about music. Blatantly embracing all this new technology in DJing,  we are getting to the point where there is a such a demand for new stuff that various controllers, mixers etc,  are being produced beyond its limits. From any point of view that situation does not make any sense.   

In no time we then get what we are getting now, a huge amount of new, super expensive stuff that is being replaced (ideally, very rapidly) with newer and more expensive equipment.

Maybe this is a little nostalgic, but let’s remember when back in the day a couple of turntables were the only thing needed for DJing. You had to work your ass off to buy them, and then you needed practice, practice and practice a bit more until you had mastered your skills.

What skill set does a DJ need today? Where has the practice part gone? Are we losing the right crowd from the floor? For me, music, like in many other things in life, is not about how much money you put into it, but how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice.