Useful tips for DJs and producers – getting your projects done

In the following article I will share couple of ideas that I find very useful when managing your projects and dealing with tight schedule.

Lack of time or motivation

Lack of time or motivation can be a problem when facing deadlines or just trying to finish the project. Dj-producer who is basically a one-man band needs to master a range of skills to survive in today’s music business. There is a difference if you are a full time producer, or having music as a second job or a hobby, but in the end of the day you want to enjoy the songs you’ve made. If they are just a bunch of loops and unfinished compositions, it’s not likely your time and effort will be compensated. One of the most important things for me is that your equipment, or whatever you use, is as accessible as possible. Music is a creative thing and you want to merge your ideas with the projects you are making. It is nice to have a studio but if you need to travel 45 min. to get there, it can be a turnoff in the days when you’re exhausted from everyday schedule. This is something I see in Berlin quite often. Here in the city (and this is a great thing btw) authorities offered unused buildings to be converted and used by artists. You can see the whole blocks filled with studios, they are usually on the city outskirts demanding 45 minutes commuting from the centre. This means an hour and a half of traveling daily if you want to make music. Do you have that time? Luckily nowadays , as the technology evolved, a very basic software can help you sketch some ideas and save it for later. When the time allows it will be more suitable to develop your songs and arrangements in the studio. This bring us to the tip from the beginning of the text: make your tools as accessible as possible.

Creativity always beats technology, save your ideas-they are the real stuff here.

Creative block

Another thing that many artists face from time to time a creative block. If you don’t know how to handle this it can even damage your career. There are tons of advices on the internet on how to deal with this problem but I find the following solution quite effective. It is perfectly normal that you can’t flash ideas 24/7. However, electronic music scene is quite competitive environment and it is not a good idea to let everything on a side for some time hoping to continue God knows when. Especially if the music is not your income, this “having a little break” can eventually transform into “I don’t have time for this anymore”.

Normally, ideas will come sooner or later, important thing is to use your time and energy for different types of work in the meantime. Being a DJ/producer demands not just creative work but also a shitload of activities like promoting, networking etc.. You don’t need a high level of creativity to network with other artists or promote your already finished projects. Moreover, a feedback you receive or a new connection to other artist can open wide range of possibilities. If this doesn’t seem motivating, its time to ask your self: am I here for the right reasons?




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